Get to know Elisabeth Schmidt

Elisabeth Schmidt
Occupation (current or previous):
I’m an elementary and middle school teacher, children’s book writer, and mom.
What is your favorite type of music and/or band?
I don’t really have a favorite, I guess. I listen to most types, just at different times. I have a playlist for everything — classical when I’m relaxing, pop when I’m cooking. And I have to listen to my dance mix when I run — all fast and upbeat songs to keep me moving.
Where are you from? (Where did you grow up?)
I’m from Minneapolis. Uptown.
What was your religious upbringing, and what impact did that have on you?
I went to a Lutheran Brethren church for a while with my best friend when I was a middle schooler. I have fun memories of retreats and these massive national youth conferences.
What advice would you give to your younger self?
Wow. Let’s see. Take good care of yourself and value your needs. Always communicate kindly, honestly, directly. Don’t look for happiness in things, other people, or any external conditions at all. Be yourself and do your own thing, shamelessly. Turn off your ego-driven mind. I actually don’t think my younger self would have been able to take in much of that advice — not really. My failures and missteps were my best teachers.
What are your hobbies?
I like reading, working out, gardening, drawing, baking, sewing. I have more hobbies than I can keep up with. I’ll never get really good at anything because I’m such a dabbler. Oh, and I’m back to playing the piano too. Ha! I guess my hobby is learning new things and getting marginally better at them over long periods of time.
How did you find out about LSUS?
I saw posts about services and events.
Why do you stay with LSUS?
The services always get me thinking. It’s like going to a TED Talk every week. I appreciate the fellowship too. Everyone is caring, interesting, open-minded. It’s a special community.
Do you live in the area, and if so, how long?
Yes, I live in Winnetka, not far from the community house. I’ve been here for about 4 years.
How long have you been attending LSUS?
Around 2 years.
If you didn’t choose the career path you embarked, what would you have pursued? Why?
I might have been a child and adolescent psychologist. Young people are wonderful and so vulnerable. On some deep level I feel compelled to be helpful to them. I’d probably find it fulfilling in any capacity.
What is a fact about you that few people know?
Hmm. I suppose not that many people know I’m really into DIY home improvement. I love it. Growing up I spent a lot of time in the garage with my dad, fixing things, building things. Now I watch DIY home improvement channels on youtube. It’s empowering to be able to take care of things on my own. My dream would be to build a little house (in the woods by a lake). I have nowhere near the skills for that, but I do daydream about it.
What is an accomplishment you are most proud of?
I’m proud of the work I’ve put in to becoming a healthier person, physically but also just in terms of being more conscious, self-aware, and mindful. I’m grateful to be strong and happy and peaceful on a deep level.

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