From Physics to the Divine: One Priest’s Journey


“What I enjoyed most about the words of John Kartje in discussing From Physics to the Divine was that he seemed so warmly personal in telling us about his own “pilgrimage”, reckoning the transformation he felt as an observer of the natural world to his own transformation after gaining a PhD in Astro-Physics from the University of Chicago, later becoming a Roman-Catholic priest with several forms of ministry, including his dealing with the sick in a hospice-like setting, further graduate study in pastoral counseling & homiletics, work as a chaplain at Northwestern University and now as a professor to future priests at Mundelein Seminary. Fr. Kartje espoused the interdisciplinary nature of his undergraduate education at the U/C, a course with Alan Bloom that was far afield from Physics and his ultimate path to the transcendental, retaining the mind & heart of a scientist & merging it with the mind & heart of a priest. Fr. Kartje further commented that both science & religion are based on personal encounters and that there is a distinct difference between having a sense of wonder vs. a sense of awe, with the latter dealing with things that are infinitely engaging.” – Bill Winschief

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