Wishing You Good Health

To our small but mighty LSUS congregation:

We live in interesting times. Right now they seem downright scary. They require all of us to find new ways to do things and, it seems, to keep turning on a dime as this pandemic unfolds. On 3/12/20, in light of the serious coronavirus situation, the LSUS Board decided to cancel the remaining 3 LSUS services for March. Almost simultaneously, we learned that the Winnetka Community House would be closed until further notice starting March 13.

It was both hard and sad to make the decision to cancel March services. I expect we will have to extend that and we may need to move our annual meeting to a later date. While all of this has your board scrambling, it is amazing how well we can pull together in a crisis. You’d be amused to have seen us all trying to learn/teach each other how to hold a Skype meeting so board matters can be addressed while we observe responsible social distancing. We practiced “joining,” “muting,” “unmuting,” “chatting”, and most of all trying not to interrupt one another. We were all using different hardware and our two best experts, David Schwartz and Elisabeth Schmidt, were trying to get us all “in the picture” and able to be heard. The practice ended up being rather comical, as I, the Chair who would be leading the actual meeting, could not get my microphone to work. Fortunately, there was as much laughter as frustration. My computer crashed 3 times and nobody could hear me but I was laughing too!

Our plan is to make our weekly email a means to connect with each other and cheer each other up. This is also a time to reach out and find ways to support each other. Please let me know how we can do that for you.

Wishing you good health.


Board Chair

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