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A Storm of Stars: A Living History of the Milky Way

March 7, 2021 @ 10:15 AM 11:30 AM

Dr. Shane Larson returns to LSUS to speak on the topic, A Storm of Stars: A Living History of the Milky Way For most of human history, we have been aware of the Milky Way, but it is comparatively recent that we have come to understand the Milky Way is our parent galaxy.  A vast swirling storm of stars 10 billion years in the making. The story of how we came to understand our home galaxy is one of the central threads in the story of how we have come to understand the Universe far beyond.  Historically our ideas about the nature and structure of the Cosmos have grown out of our attempts to understand the Milky Way.  In this talk, we’ll examine the discovery of the Milky Way, and discuss how we came to understand the structure, evolution and environs of the galaxy.  We’ll talk about how our perceptions of the Milky Way constantly shape and change our understanding of the Cosmos on much larger scales, and we’ll end with some of the secrets the galaxy still hides from us, providing astronomers puzzles and challenges to work on for many years yet to come.

Dr. Shane Larson is Northwestern University’s CIERA (Astrophysics Center) Associate Director.  He previously divided his time between the Adler Planetarium and Northwestern University.  Now he is full time at CIERA.  Shane works in the field of gravitational wave astrophysics, specializing in studies of compact stars, binaries, and the galaxy.  He grew up in eastern Oregon, receiving his B.S. in Physics from Oregon State University in 1991.  He then earned a Ph.D. in theoretical physics (1999) from Montana State University.  He is an award winning teacher, and a Fellow of the American Physical Society.  He contributes regularly to a public science blog at writescience.wordpress.com, and tweets with the handle @sciencejedi.

After services, from 11:30 AM – 12:00 PM, we will open Zoom for informal general discussion, as well as an opportunity to join a conversation group with Dr. Shane Larson.

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