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Carbon Pricing: A Necessary Step to Address Climate Change

February 9, 2020 @ 10:30 AM 11:30 AM

Mike Zanillo, State Coordinator-Illinois- of the Citizen’s Climate Lobby, will speak on the topic, Carbon Pricing: A Necessary Step to Address Climate Change.  Climate Change has been called “NOT the BIGGEST challenge of OUR time, but, the BIGGEST challenge of ALL time.”  The topic can be confusing to many and often there is uncertainty of what Climate Change is, what its effects are and what can be done about it.  Carbon Pricing is viewed as a simple, yet effective and comprehensive policy that can serve as the best first step in fighting climate change.  The policy enjoys wide, international support and is rapidly growing in public, bi-partisan support in Washington DC.  It is endorsed by 27 Nobel economics laureates.  It will speed a transition to renewable energy in a way that is considered as a fair and just policy, while providing for economic growth and jobs.

Mike Zanillo is a full-time volunteer and state co-coordinator for Illinois for the Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL).  He helps to lead the 5,500 CCL supporters in Illinois’ 15 chapters to educate the public on the causes and impacts of climate change, and to advocate for a revenue-neutral, Carbon Fee and Dividend policy as a foundational first step for a climate change solution.  Mike retired from a career of Information Technology leadership positions, most recently as Senior Director for Global Financial Systems for McDonalds Corporation.  His education includes a degree in Economics from the University of Chicago and has attended graduate level business school programs with Loyola and Northern Illinois Universities.

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