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Theology of Religions: Exclusivism, Inclusivism, Pluralism

January 17, 2021 @ 10:15 AM 11:30 AM

Alan Race, the Reverend Canon Dr. Emeritus of Leicester, England, will speak on the topic, Theology of Religions: Exclusivism, Inclusivism, Pluralism.  In light of modern communications no-one can now ignore the fact that most societies are fast becoming plural societies.  How we live with and interpret our differences has become a very pressing concern socially and politically. From a religious perspective this entails exploring how we interpret the philosophical and theological insights, beliefs and practices associated with different spiritual convictions.  A major approach to this task has been to frame answers in terms of exclusivist, inclusivist, or pluralist interpretations.  Is ‘my’ faith the one and only true faith, the one capable of affirming others while retaining my own as the best choice, or is it one of many witnessing to spiritual truth in a world of many final convictions?  How we approach these options has implications not only for interreligious relations but also for world prospects.  After all, it has been said by one major Catholic theologian that “there is no peace in the world without peace between the religions”. And that implies dialogue among religions. But does it imply accepting the religions as valid and true in their core experiences?

Rev. Race is a Christian priest-theologian and specialist in the theology of religions and interreligious dialogue.  He was trained first as a Chemist in the Natural Sciences at the University of Bradford, before being ordained in the Anglican (Episcopalian) Church in 1976.  His theological training was at Cuddesdon Theological College, Oxford, Oxford University and Birmingham University.  He is currently Chair of the Executive Committee of the World Congress of Faiths and Editor for its journal, Interreligious Insight. He is also Chair of Trustees of the Modern Church movement in the UK. He is known world-wide for his seminal book, Christians and Religious Pluralism, which was published in 1983.  He is the author of a number of books and articles relating to themes of theology and dialogue. Throughout his career he has worked as both an educationalist and a pastor.

After services, from 11:30 AM – 12:00 PM, we will open Zoom for informal general discussion, as well as an opportunity to join a conversation group with Revd Dr Alan Race.

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