Dear Family, Friends, and Neighbors,

All of us have been touched by both recent and long-lasting international conflicts and the tremendous pain of human displacement they’ve caused. In Ukraine. In Afghanistan. In Yemen. In Ethiopia and Sudan. And many others.

The U.S.’s refugee admissions ceiling for FY2023 is 125,000. Although the U.S. will not reach that number because of infrastructure that’s still being rebuilt, the refugees who are admitted are all looking to make a fresh start in a free but foreign land. President Joe Biden also pledged to welcome 100,000 additional Ukrainians through a separate program, Uniting for Ukraine.

LSUS Jumpstart Team was formed by members and friends of Lake Shore Unitarian Society (LSUS) with a modest but significant goal: to walk alongside one refugee family as they navigate a new life here in Chicago. It puts into action the first of our seven Unitarian Universalist principles – the inherent worth and dignity of every person.

To accomplish our goal, LSUS Jumpstart Team is partnering with RefugeeOne, a non-profit refugee resettlement agency. 

Our financial goal is to raise $12,000. LSUS has already raised $6,000 from its members and hopes that, with your help, we can double that!

Will you help us reach our goal? With your support we can all lend a helping hand to a family in their successful start to American life and share in the joy that attaches to this humanitarian project. Thank you for contributing what you can!

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